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Parking - Whitby, Cliff Street, West Cliff

These streets were not built with the needs of car owners in mind, it's one of the reasons Whitby has so much character and charm. Don't be put off, there are plenty of parking options available.

load and uload near wynd cottage

First of all, on arrival /departure or after a shopping trip, you can stop to load and unload about 25m from the cottage without blocking the road. You will be on double yellows but loading and unloading is permitted*. You can also drop off and pick up right outside the cottage. So you don't have to traipse for miles with your luggage.

Next, you'll want to park up as close as you can to the cottage, preferably without having to pay.

You might be able to find a space just 40m from the cottage, or when it's busy you might have a 5 minute walk back. On really busy weekends your free parking might be even further away.

With Wynd Cottage you'll be on the same footing as Whitby residents.

NOTE: All info here is correct, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of writing, things might change with little notice. You must check for yourself where and when you park and the validity of any permit or scratch card.

Free Parking Scratch Cards

Every booking of Wynd Cottage (April to October) comes with free scratch cards for one vehivcle to cover your stay. These allow you to use any of the on-street parking spaces set aside for residents.

These areas are easily identified "W" on the zone signs, so you don't have to worry about all the disc zones and parking times. Just make sure you have a valid scratch card visible.

Free Parking 6pm - 10am

At the time of writing, all the on-street pay and display spaces and the West Cliff car parks are free between 6pm and 10am. This gives a useful option for evening arrivals if all the "W" spots are taken, just don't forget to move to a "W" space with a scratch card before 10. (April to October)

Free Parking November to March

At the time of writing, all the pay and display parking charges on the West Cliff are suspended between November and March. This really eases the pressure on the "W" zone parking and it's rare not to find a slot close by.

Disc Zones

Disc zones give 1-2 hours of free parking if you display a disc in your car showing the time you parked. These discs are available from many of Whitby’s shops. As Wynd Cottage is within walking distance of the shops it's unlikely you will need to use the disc only zones.

parking near wynd cottage whitby

Secure Parking

We have been parking on-street in Whitby over 10 years with no problems. If you do require secure or monitored parking this may be available at your own cost, please try Google search for a provider.

Motorbike Parking

If you can't find a designated motorcycle parking bay then you can use any pay and display bay for free. The closest being the Cliff Street car park 100m away or near the Whale Bone Arch and in front of the Royal Hotel, about 120m away from the cottage. To park any closer, In the "W" areas you would need a permit or scratch card, if it blows off or gets pinched you will probably get a ticket.

Be aware, some carparks e.g. Silver Street and Station, might have different rules regarding free motorcycle parking.

Extract from Scabourough Borough Council guidance:

"Motorcycles are exempt from on street and off street pay and display charges.

Where appropriate motorcyclists should aim to park within designated motorcycle bays, however where this is not possible, motorcycles can park within a normal marked pay and display bay.

Motorcycles are exempt from time restrictions within disc zone bays. Please note that motorcycles are not exempt from the restrictions within time limited bays, e.g. 40 minute bays or one hour bays.

Motorcycles cannot park within disabled bays, loading bays, taxi ranks, on yellow lines, bus stops, residents only streets, permit holders only bays (without a permit) or adjacent to a dropped kerb."



*Note, extract from Scarborough Borough Council guidance:

"Definition of loading

Any loading or unloading which is taking place on a yellow line or within a loading bay, must be constant. The Council appreciates it is not possible for someone who is loading or unloading to the leave the vehicle boot or doors open but, if the activity is constant, this will be obvious to a Civil Enforcement Officer.

A Civil Enforcement Officer will observe a vehicle parked on yellow lines or within a loading bay to determine whether loading or unloading is taking place. A vehicle parked without showing signs of loading or unloading will be liable to being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

If the vehicle is not to be loaded or unloaded as soon as it is parked and/or once loading or unloading has been completed, it must be moved to a legal parking space."


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